My proposal for a true national champion!

1. End the regular season one week earlier than we currently do.  This would
mean playing the conference championship games on Thanksgiving weekend.
If the networks want ratings, I would think that this would be a good way to
create a new holiday tradition. 

2. Following those games, 8 teams are chosen for a national playoff.  The 5 
conference champions from the "Power 5" conferences would qualify automatically,
then there would be 3 at-large positions.  These positions are determined in
the following order:

1) Any "Group of 5" team or independent team with 0 losses qualifies

2) Then, if all spots are not filled, the selection committee will select the
remaining team(s) from a preference list(similar to College Football Playoff
Top 25 rankings). 

The committee would then seed the teams 1-8.  The games are played at campus
sites on the first Saturday in December, until 4 teams remain.

3. For 2019, the bracket would look like this (using 2019 CFP standings):

#8 Wisconsin (At-large) at #1 LSU (SEC champion)
#5 Georgia (At-large) at #4 Oklahoma (Big 12 champion)
#6 Oregon (Pac 12 champion) at #3 Clemson (ACC champion)
#7 Baylor (At-large) at #2 Ohio State (Big 10 champion)

4. The remaining 4 teams play each other in 2 New Year's Day bowl games, which
rotate every other year (for example: Rose and Sugar on odd years, Fiesta and 
Orange on even years).  The other teams go back into the regular bowl pool.  So
bowl matchups would be determined after the first Saturday of December.

5. The two winners of the New Year's Day games meet in a "plus-one" national
title game at a pre-determined neutral site.