My proposal to realign college football and crown a national champion!

I would re-align into 6 power conferences - the 6 champions would advance 
automatically to the college football playoff.  6 at-larges would also be chosen.
1 of them must be from the "Group of 5" conferences, plus any other unbeaten team
from those conferences.

Following the conference championship games (played on Thanksgiving weekend), the
6 at-large teams are chosen for a national playoff.  

The committee would then seed the teams 1-12.  The top 4 teams receive a bye, and 
the 4 games are played at campus sites on the following Saturday.  The 4 losers play
in 2 designated bowls.  After the round of 8 the following Saturday, those 4 losers
also play in 2 designated bowls.  The 4 winners play in 2 designated semifinal bowls
at New Year's.  The 2 winners then play for the national title in early January.

The realigned conferences would look this way: PAC-12 BIG XII BIG TEN NORTH NORTH WEST California Colorado Illinois Oregon Kansas Iowa Oregon State Kansas State Iowa State Stanford Oklahoma Minnesota Washington Oklahoma State Nebraska Washington State Texas Tech Wisconsin SOUTH SOUTH EAST Arizona Baylor Indiana Arizona State Houston Michigan BYU Rice Michigan State USC SMU Northwestern UCLA TCU Ohio State Utah Texas Purdue SEC ACC BIG EAST WEST NORTH WEST Arkansas Duke Cincinnati LSU Georgia Tech Louisville Mississippi NC State Notre Dame Mississippi State North Carolina Pittsburgh Missouri Virginia Virginia Tech Texas A&M Wake Forest West Virginia EAST SOUTH EAST Alabama Clemson Boston College Auburn Florida Connecticut Georgia Florida State Maryland Kentucky Miami Penn State Tennessee South Carolina Rutgers Vanderbilt UCF Syracuse Teams would play 8 conference games - the 5 division rivals and then 3 from the other division, which would alternate each year. The 4 non-conference games would consist of 1 FCS opponent, 1 Group of 5 opponent, and 2 opponents from these 6 conferences.